Saint Bernard Club of America

Visit the Saint Bernard Club of America's website, for more information about Saint Bernards on a National level, including the history of the breed, working Saints, and conformation.   This also includes a section for those new to Saint Bernards who may be interested in them in the future.

The Saint Bernard Club of America was established in 1888, and is involved on a National level in promoting the Saint Bernard breed, as well as sponsoring health studies and other important projects. 

Saint Bernard National Archives and Hall of Fame

The Saint Bernard National Archives and Hall of Fame website is an invaluble resource.   The Archives have records of Saint Bernards going back to 1877.  The archives include Saint Bernard Hall of Fame inductees, breed Firsts, and Saint Bernards who earned working titles such as Draft Dog, Companion Dog, Weight Pull, and many others.   Also available in the archives is information on virtually any Saint who earned a AKC title.  

American Kennel Club - AKC

Visit the American Kennel Club website for more information about all breeds of dogs.   The American Kennel Club was founded in 1884. The Saint Bernard Club of Puget Sound is a member club of the AKC, and has two yearly shows under AKC regulations. 

INFODog - Dog Show Resource

Infodog lists many of the available shows in the United States and Canada.   If you are interesting in seeing Saint Bernards, or other dog breeds going to a show is a great place to start.  Infodog doesn't list fun matches.   Fun matches are shows for practice for the dogs and owners.  No points toward any titles are given.  You can often find information about fun matches through local dog training facilities. 

Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation

The Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation will take in any Saint without question and work to find that animal a loving home. Please visit their website for more information.